About us

Welcome to the elightingdirect.com – we thank you for visiting us.

An online leader since 2003, the elightingdirect.com continues to dominate the market with low prices and low shipping.  Located in Houston Texas, we have helped our customers buy below wholesale prices.  Just when you think our prices can’t get any lower – we continue to amaze time and time again.

Over the past few years, we’ve added hundreds of thousands of products to our vast inventory; offering them at wholesale prices.  Backed by the top distributors of general consumer products throughout the nation, elightingdirect.com presents its online store to you, the consumer.  Striving hard to keep the prices low, we want to ensure that our customers get exactly what they deserve – the very best.

“How in this world do they manage to offer such low prices”?  That’s a question we hear all the time.  For those of you wondering, you’ll find that answer below…….

Overproduced products
Each and every year, manufacturers of products will estimate just how many products they will be selling.  Often times they will overestimate this figure and produce more products than they actually need.  As a result, the manufacturer is forced to liquidate or eradicate the products they don’t need.  Once this happens, we come along and purchase these products at below wholesale costs – passing the savings directly on to you!

Cancelled orders
Managers of stores will frequently change the products they are selling in their stores.  To do this, they often cancel orders they currently have with manufacturers.  As a result, the manufacturers are often forced to liquidate any excess products.  Once again, we come along, purchase the products at below wholesale costs – and the savings are passed to you the consumer yet again!

Company-related issues
If a company decides to downsize, move facilities, or just needs to reduce their inventory, it normally results in issues.  As a result, the company is normally willing to sell their products for less than they normally do to get rid of everything they have in a fast and timely manner.  Once again, we come along, purchase what they have at a fraction of the normal cost – and then pass the savings directly on to you.

As you can tell, our goal here at the eshoppingstore is pleasing you.  We purchase everything we sell at wholesale prices, giving you the savings with each and every item you purchase. 

We thank you for visiting our site, and we hope you enjoy taking advantage of the insane deals you will find here.